Kroger Grocery - Greenville, Ohio

Kroger Grocery
Kroger Grocery
Kroger Grocery

65,710 ft2 Open Store Phased Remodel

Greenville, Ohio

Awarded Project: Open Store Phased Remodel

Client:  Kroger Grocery

Architect: CR Architecture + Design

Location: 200 Lease Avenue, Greenville, Ohio

State Date:  June 13, 2022 with a project duration of 12 weeks

General Contractor:  Healy Construction Services, Inc.

Scope of work consists of the “Within The Wall” 65,710 sq ft open store remodel of various existing departments to be completed in 5 phases of nightwork.

This includes refreshes to the Exterior Facade, Produce, Meat/Seafood, Deli, Bakery, Dairy/Frozen, Pharmacy, Customer Service, Starbucks, Floral, Beer/Wine, Restroom, Manager’s Office, Breakroom, & Cart/Storefront Areas.

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