Site Surveys Chicago IL

Site Surveys Chicago IL
Begin Your Next Construction Project with Site Surveys in Chicago IL

Each step in the construction process becomes more important than the last. However, the surveys you perform at the beginning will set the tone for the entirety of your project. A site survey will help decide the timeframe for a project, estimate costs, determine what’s necessary to meet all building regulations and much more. And for any construction project, you want your survey to be as thorough as possible. Thankfully, Healy Construction Services, Inc. has been handling site surveys for Chicago IL since 1988.

What a Survey Can Uncover

There’s a wealth of knowledge and history behind every piece of property. With a site survey, you can uncover the good and bad of your property and develop the entirety of your construction based on what your survey finds.

  • Boundary Lines: Is every square foot of your property available for you to use? That might seem like a simple question, but you might be surprised by the answer! A site survey will confirm the boundary lines for your property. In some cases, you might have less space to work with than originally thought. Or, your neighbor might be encroaching on your property without them knowing.
  • Site Features: Does your property have sewage hookups? Can electricity easily be run to your facility? Are there access roads or water features you weren’t initially aware of? All of these questions can be answered with a site survey. A survey provides a complete report on all the features of your property and will help builders determine what they can and can’t account for.
  • Zoning: A city will classify zones for pieces of property. And depending on what your classification is, this might determine what restrictions you have on your property. For example, a survey could uncover your new restaurant’s location is actually zoned for residential due to its proximity to a residential subdivision. So, before you accidentally purchase property that limits what you can build, be sure to perform a site survey!
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Commercial Construction Services

Site surveys for Chicago IL properties are only the beginning of the commercial construction process. Healy Construction works with local businesses looking for retail construction, industrial construction, ground-up construction and more. Furthermore, our project managers are OSHA certified and technically trained to serve you best. Our goal is to ensure you get high-quality construction, both on time and budget.

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