Commercial Construction Chicago IL

Commercial Construction Chicago IL

Do More for Your Business with Commercial Construction for Chicago IL

Have you outgrown your current space for your company? Is your facility old or outdated? Or are you looking to embark on a new business venture? Whatever your reasons might be, commercial construction will play a significant role in your business’s start or advancement. And when considering commercial construction for Chicago IL, you can count on Healy Construction Services, Inc. for the highest quality work.

What’s Your Project?

With hundreds of successful construction projects under our belt, Healy Construction has the experience and skill needed to build any structure for your specific industry. Whether looking to open a restaurant or expand into the healthcare sector, we’ve got you covered.

  • Restaurants – When constructing a restaurant, design choices must comply with both building regulations and health code regulations. And if building for an established chain, there are specific brand guidelines that must be followed.
  • Healthcare Facilities – This includes doctor’s offices, hospitals, urgent care facilities and more. Building design must be neat, organized and easy to navigate. Also, plumbing and electricity must be able to handle the precise equipment used in a medical setting.
  • Retail – Construction for a store can vary based on size, location and branding. However, most retail construction consists of ample, open space for shopping, offices for management, areas for storage, and more.
  • Offices – Office buildings are unique due to the flexibility and diversity of construction. From individual rooms to open floor plans, an office’s design largely depends on the preferred office culture of managers and employees.
  • Hospitality – Hotels, motels and resorts require both extensive planning and repetitive designs. Each room is similar, but the systems required to support plumbing and electricity for the entire building take the right management to implement successfully.
A contractor looking at blueprints for Commercial Construction in Chicago IL
A Higher Standard for Construction

Healy Construction strives to go above and beyond for our clients. We believe finding reliable and high-quality commercial construction for Chicago IL shouldn’t be a challenge for business owners. Thus, our project managers are OSHA certified and technically trained, so we meet and exceed your expectations. Furthermore, we only partner with subcontractors that meet our high standards for the quality of work and materials used.

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Invest in the right commercial construction for Chicago IL, and watch your business grow! To learn more, call Healy Construction Services, Inc. today at 708-396-0440. Also, our corporate office is located at 14000 S Keeler Ave, Crestwood, IL 60418.