Construction Project Manager Chicago IL

Construction Project Manager Chicago IL

Your Project is in Good Hands with the Right Construction Project Manager for Chicago IL

Constructing a new building or facility is already a challenging task. Now consider the day-to-day management of every team involved in your project. Truthfully, without the proper organization, your construction can take significantly longer and be subject to potential risks further down the line. However, having a construction project manager for Chicago IL can ensure project completion within your target budget and timeframe. And one such company, Healy Construction Services, Inc., has plenty of experience managing commercial construction.

Our Responsibilities

As your project manager, there’s plenty our team must “manage.”Our responsibilities cover every aspect of your construction project, from daily team organization to balancing the available budget.

  • Staying on Time: At the beginning of any building construction, there are timeframes and deadlines you must establish. It’s the job of our managers to ensure your project doesn’t go beyond set timeframes. By creating benchmarks for a project, we ensure construction moves at the right pace with the introduction of each new step in the process.
  • Team Organization: Chances are, there are going to be more than a few subcontractors involved in your project: architects, electricians, plumbers, and civil engineers, to name a few. And with multiple parties involved, organization and communication can deteriorate without the proper management. Thus, it’s our job to meet with every contractor, keep workers on task and coordinate assignments where teams must work together.
  • Keeping Budget in Check: Money is a significant concern for any construction project. Ensuring all contractors are paid, materials are ordered, and additional expenses are covered can be challenging, if not for a construction project manager for Chicago IL. We are continually adjusting budgets and spending, so you never spend more than you should. Furthermore, we know the contractors to hire and the best materials to purchase to get the most from your budget.
A Construction Project Manager in Chicago IL discussing building plans with other contractors
Getting to Know Healy

At Healy Construction, we’re all about providing our clients with top-notch general contracting and construction management. Every project manager and superintendent we employ is OSHA certified and technically trained, so we can go above and beyond your expectations. Overall, we strive to see our client’s construction projects be as successful as possible. With a high quality of workmanship, prompt timelines and strict budgeting, we are the go-to contractors for the Chicagoland area.

Learn More

If needing a construction project manager for Chicago IL or are looking for additional commercial contracting services, give the team at Healy Construction Services, Inc. a call today. You can contact us at 708-396-0440. Also, our corporate office is located at 14000 S Keeler Ave, Crestwood, IL 60418.